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Extra Toppings $ 1 — organic strawberries goji berries, coconut, blueberries, bee pollen, cacao nibs, mangoes, hemp seeds, almonds, chia seeds peanut butter — almond butter $ 2. Find out where to buy Sambazon products explore our recipes learn about the powerful benefits of Açaí. Acai κομψή καφέ κατευθύνσεις καφέ φασολιών καφέ σμέουρων.

Acai Aesthetics: 10 Most Instagrammable acai bowls that have won our hearts. Find patient medical information for Acai on WebMD including its uses interactions, side effects , safety, user ratings , effectiveness, dosage products that have it. Menu for Online Orders Acai Bowls- made with organic pure acai topped with banana granola 1 topping of your choice.

We hand- craft organic frozen Açaí puree juices, non- GMO, frozen desserts, energy drinks with ethically sourced fair- trade superfoods. Based in the UK, worldw. Learn about the potential benefits of Acai including contraindications toxicology, adverse reactions, pharmacology historical usage. Here are our picks of the most gorgeous looking acai bowls on Instagram!
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Our protein variety blends açaí, bananas, honey, and almond butter, and is topped with pineapple, blueberries, honey oat granola, protein crisps, and almond bits. Acai berries are a good source of nutrients, but some health claims may go too far. sorbet three gallon tub sorbet 64oz & 48oz fruit bar sorbet pint aÇaÍ juice aÇaÍ+ pomegranate+ blueberry juice aÇaÍ pure pouch.

Learn more about acai nutrition facts, health benefits, healthy recipes, and other fun facts to enrich your diet.

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Senior Systems Agronomist, ACAI Project Leader. Systems Agronomist, ACAI East Africa Coordinator and Partnership Management Coordinator.

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Explore our healthy AND tasty Sambazon Açaí puree packs.

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Superfruit Packs are perfect for blending into a traditional Açaí bowl or delicious smoothie. A leap forward in women' s Outdoor wear using innovative design details and high performing technical fabrics.
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